Signs of Spring FREEBIE!!

Hey lovely followers, Facebook friends, twitter followers, and pinners! Guess what I learned how to do today?

Upload things to my very own Teachers Pay Teachers store! Please check out my new store, and grab yourself a freebie! I created this freebie for my class to use on our Signs of Spring walk tomorrow. My plan is to have them bring out our mini clipboards and a pencil, and each time we find a "sign of spring" they will be invited to write down or draw a picture of that sign.

I love taking seasonal walks to look for the signs of the season with my class. I love how it gives my kinders an authentic learning experience. It's one thing to read that spotting robins hopping around in the grass is a sign of spring, but when you actually SEE the robin hopping around, how cool is that?! 

Thanks for visiting and ENJOY THE FREEBIE!! :) 

Keep smiling!!

Little Miss ABC

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