It's MO WILLEMS week!!!

Alright, everyone. This has been MY FAVORITE week thus far! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mo Willems' books, and think you ALL need to get some in your Kindergarten (Pre-K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade) rooms. Even big kids love these books, so get them NOW! 

We have been reading Mo's series Elephant and Piggie all year, but this week we read "Can I Play Too" as a mentor text and reference text for our activities.
Tuesday was our Pigeon day. I love that Pigeon, and the kiddos do too. He is so CRAZY! I love how Mo Willems draws and writes the characters emotions in such a melodramatic way. I read "The Pigeon Wants a Hot Dog" to the class, also a great mentor text. We discussed how the words look when Pigeon talks (Mo likes to use speech bubbles for his stories' dialogue) as well as how the words look when he changes emotion (i.e. when he speaks excitedly you see many exclamation points, when he is angry the words are VERY big and different colors). After discussing the different identifying parts of the story, I taught the students how to draw "The Pigeon" 
(check it out here! )
After learning how to draw the Pigeon, we made up our own "Don't Let the Pigeon..." stories! Some of my favorites were Don't Let the Pigeon Eat Sushi, and Don't Let the Pigeon Mow the Lawn. 
Here's a picture of Don't Let the Pigeon Ice Skate.   

Today we journaled about our favorite Mo Willems character (lots of my kiddos LOVE the Duckling featured in the Pigeon series). Tomorrow we will be making our own Elephant and Piggie comics! I will be doing a separate post about that activity.

LOOK in my next post for a FREEBIE of my "Don't Let the Pigeon..." story sheet! 

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Keep Smiling! 
Little Miss ABC


  1. Looks like you have some awesome things going on in your classroom! :]..... I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check out my blog for more details!