Sunday Scoop 8/9/15

Hi pals! Here's my Sunday Scoop for this week! Can you believe summer is over?! Where did the time go??? I have had such a great summer seeing friends, taking adventures with my family, and doing some of my favorite activities. I don't want it to end! But I also can't WAIT to meet my new kiddies!

The "Have-to's"

I will be setting up my classroom this week. I am SOOOO excited for the Avengers theme I am using this year and can't wait to get my room super-fied. I already made some custom "welcome" post cards for my class which were super easy! I created the main image on Powerpoint and saved it as a .jpeg file. Then I went to VistaPrint and uploaded the image. The postcards came super quickly and turned out great! How cute is this clipart from Dorky Doodles?!

The "Hope-to's"

Who else is Pretty Little Liars obsessed like I am?! I CAN'T WAIT for Tuesday! They keep telling us all will be revealed, but as any good PLL fan knows, one can never be to sure. I just hope they aren't lying and we really get all the answers we've been DYING to know since the pilot episode. Fingers crossed! I am also hoping to get a few more adventures in this week, maybe even take a trip to a pool or beach (I have done neither of these things so far this summer!!) :)

I'm HAPPY to...

clean out my condo AND my car of what I like to call the "traveling classroom"
The pile kept growing and growing over the summer, it has a mind of its own I swear! I can't wait to get it all put together and get to using all the fun things I bought this summer.

Check back soon for a little room reveal 2015 and fun SUPERHERO filled posts!
Until then,