Well fellow bloggers and friends, the time has come for a little throwback Thursday action. I am going to start a Thursday entry each week (hopefully!!) where I will share with you one of my favorite memories from school past, teaching ideas from my past, or funny stories from my childhood. In honor of Easter coming so soon here's a silly story --

One Sunday morning during the children's message in church, Pastor asked us all a questions. "Who is coming back?" He asked. I quickly raised my hand and yelled out, "MICHAEL JORDAN!!!!" (I assume this was the year that MJ was returning to the fabulous CHICAGO BULLS, but I think the answer Pastor was looking for is Jesus...)

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Little Miss ABC

Update post!! Letters to Mickey and Cinderella!!

We have heard back from the main Mouse himself!! Mickey sent my kiddos some cute little postcards in reply to the letters they sent last week to Mickey or Cinderella! I am so glad that we were able to get replies, and even though the kiddies were looking for actual letter responses to their writings and questions, they were overjoyed to receive a response from Mickey Mouse. 

Here's what YOU can do to  use this as a fun tool for a letter writing introductory activity! And (hopefully) you'll get a reply from the main Mouse too! :)

During Fairy Tale week, I thought it would be fun to let the kids do some letter writing to some Disney characters. I had seen the activity done all over Pinterest/teacher blogs, and being a Disney girl I wanted to give it a try to see if it would work! I introduced the kinders to a basic letter writing template, where we discussed headers and ending statements. (Dear __________,
 From, ___________)
I had read that usually the responses people got after sending letters to Disney were from Mickey or Cinderella, so those were the two character choices I gave to the kiddos. I wanted to be sure to do everything so that they would get a response! We had some ADORABLE letters to these characters, I was floured with how excited they got about writing!!! (see picture in previous post)

I put each letter into a separate envelope and addressed them separately. I didn't know how the postcards would be sent back, so I wanted to be sure to get one for each child. On the return address line I put each students' name and then the address of our school (make sure to inform your school secretary that you may be getting a package from the Mouse so they can get it to you! Our FABULOUS school secretary was totally happy to help deliver the envelope!)
We sent the letters to the fan mail department at Disneyland:

Disneyland Resort
Guest Communications
Attn: Character Fan Mail
P.O. Box 3232
Anaheim, CA 92803-3232

Within a little over a week we had received a big white envelope from the MOUSE! I was so ecstatic that we had gotten a reply, and a quick one at that! They sent about 25 blank postcards to us, which I then took and wrote (in Mickey's autograph, of course) each child's name onto the postcard. I handed them out and I have never seen such happy kiddos! Such a fun activity to get kids excited about writing, and learning in a different way!

Check out http://www.mousekatools.com/2013/05/07/disney-characters-respond-to-fan-mail/ for another example of how this activity works! Thanks for the idea :) 

Keep Smiling and have a MAGICAL day!
xoxo, Little Miss ABC

Hello fearless Kinder teachers! It's been a while since my last post...almost a year to be exact. My fault! I want to keep this up more!! This year has been insane, as many of you can attest to I'm sure.

Today we had a visit from a silly leprechaun who not only messed up our traps, but he got into our Lucky Charms stash AND left green foot prints all over. But at least he left us some gold before he skee-daddled out the door.

I have recently been traveling a lot for conferences where I have learned a ton of great ideas, interventions, and activities that I am excited to implement in my classroom. My next post will be a compiling of some of the great things I learned at the conferences! Some of the teachers I had the privilege of listening to are some of the Kinder community GREATS! So excited to share their ideas with you.

Keep smiling :)

Little Miss ABC

PS: Here's a picture of some of the ADORABLE letters my kinders wrote to their favorite Disney characters during Fairy Tales week. Love that my little lady asked Cinderella if she was having a "very nice day" :) <3