Hello fearless Kinder teachers! It's been a while since my last post...almost a year to be exact. My fault! I want to keep this up more!! This year has been insane, as many of you can attest to I'm sure.

Today we had a visit from a silly leprechaun who not only messed up our traps, but he got into our Lucky Charms stash AND left green foot prints all over. But at least he left us some gold before he skee-daddled out the door.

I have recently been traveling a lot for conferences where I have learned a ton of great ideas, interventions, and activities that I am excited to implement in my classroom. My next post will be a compiling of some of the great things I learned at the conferences! Some of the teachers I had the privilege of listening to are some of the Kinder community GREATS! So excited to share their ideas with you.

Keep smiling :)

Little Miss ABC

PS: Here's a picture of some of the ADORABLE letters my kinders wrote to their favorite Disney characters during Fairy Tales week. Love that my little lady asked Cinderella if she was having a "very nice day" :) <3

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