Weeks of Weather

I have been MIA the past few weeks. It's been hectic in Kindergarten with the end of the year approaching. But I just HAD to share the fun things we've been doing the past few weeks while learning about the WEATHER! And we've had some crazy, real life examples of all kinds of weather in the Chicagoland Area. Rain, floods, snow, sunshine and 70 degrees, wind, clouds, you name it we had it. 

The first week when we began talking about weather the class and I discussed the water cycle, clouds, and precipitation --


We had one nice day to be able to go outside and look at the clouds. Before heading outside, we read the story Little Cloud by Eric Carle. We talked about how clouds may sometimes look like different shapes, as well as when lots of clouds join together and get heavy, they produce precipitation. The students all had clipboards, "sky" paper, and white crayons and were able to draw the cloud shapes they saw. 

I found an awesome way to make puffy paint using glue and shaving cream, and the next day we painted our own clouds. The students were able to choose whatever shape they wanted to make their cloud, and they LOVED painting with the puffy paint!


Once we had learned about clouds it was time to talk about the water cycle and precipitation! We used some science experimentation to discover how the water cycle works. One experiment we tried was by creating our own rain storm using a glass vase, boiling water inside of the vase, and a plate with ice cubes on top to create the condensation. The kiddies struggled with sitting and watching the rain form, but once it began to drip down they were very excited that we made "rain!"

We also made a rain storm using shaving cream, food coloring, the clear vase, and water. This experiment helped show the children how once a cloud gets heavy, the rain falls down.

Check back next week for some pictures of our Weatherman project where we made our very own Kindergarten Weather Reports! :)


Little Miss ABC

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