The Rainbow Connection

The Rainbow Connection

This week we have been talking about rainbows in honor of St. Patrick's Day. We made a class rainbow Monday afternoon (I noticed we had quite the array of colors on that day!). Tuesday and Wednesday we worked on tissue paper rainbows, one of my favorite rainbow projects as a kid. We also got to do some rainbow sorting with beads and an egg carton (SO easy and so cheap). Check us out!!

We also got a chance to practice a fun activity that I learned at a conference called "Cottonball Breathing". The object of this activity is to try to blow a cotton ball from your palm to in between your partners feet. This is a calming activity, but also helps encourage team work and cooperation. We LOVED it! Thanks Mindful Practices :) - Carla is amazing.

Check back at the end of the week for our St. Patty's Day fun, including Leprechaun traps AND lotsa LUCKY CHARMS! Yummmmy :)


Little Miss ABC

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