Poetry Week - DAY 2

Acrostic Poetry

Today we explored the wonders of Acrostic poems! This is a great type of poem to introduce to this age group because we are constantly working on breaking down the sounds in letters (distinguishing the beginning, middle, and ending sounds of words). We began our discussion by creating an acrostic poem about JESUS! I love learning about Jesus with my class. :)

Here's our poem!

J oy
E ternal life
S on of God
U nfailing
S avior

After we made our class acrostic, I explained to the class that they would be making acrostic poems all about them using their very own NAMES! This was a difficult, but super rewarding task for my class! It caused them to really dig deep into their creativity and think of not only some words that describe them, or their favorites, but also to match up some of those words with the letters of their names! They came up with some great poems!! To keep the privacy of my students under wraps I won't reveal any of their poems to you, but I can give you some examples of what they included:

  • M inions (minions are a MUST for my class this year)
  • H elper (I have some awesome helpers in class!)
  • E at cheese pizza (this little guy LOVES pizza, and was creative to use multiple words for 1 letter!)
  • L ove (a popular choice amongst the girls)
If you are looking to do this with your class, I definitely suggest having it as a small group activity if you are the only adult in the room. I was lucky enough to have an aide helping out, which allowed us to reach each student and help them think of words for their letters. 

Check out this Mother's Day acrostic poem idea from Scholastic!!

Make sure you check back TOMORROW for a post all about the beginning stages of our descriptive creative poems! 

PS: One of my kiddos brought these for a birthday treat the other day, HOW CUTE! I am so thankful there are people in the world with enough talent and patience to make cool things just like this. :)


Little Miss ABC

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