Must Have Monday

I love these link-ups, and especially this week's link up thanks to Freebie-Licious!

My Must Haves

Papermate Flair Pens. Enough said, right? I am obsessed with these pens and love how they come in a variety of colors. I found the set on Amazon during the school year for about $8 and I bought a bunch! Amazon is a great resource for finding great deals on fun things! :)

Swiffer sweepers are a life saver in the classroom! Things get dusty really quickly in my room thanks to our fabulous air conditioning (which I love). Swiffer sweepers are so great for getting that dust up quickly.
Cardstock has become my new favorite thing. I never really used it prior to this summer, and the possibilities are endless! I worked with a fabulous teacher this summer during our early childhood summer session and she had some fabulous ideas using card stock. We created mini books for our students of all the pet visitors who came to help us learn. The books were super sturdy and a great keepsake! 

Creative Teaching Press makes some fabulous stuff. For me, I never have enough yellow chevron bulletin board boarder! It's the perfect accent to my bulletin boards and allows me a pop of yellow to go along with the primary color theme I have in my room. 

My last must have is my #KinderTribe and social media. Without social media I would not be able to easily access all of the genius knowledge you all share about your classrooms, management, songs/poems, math, science and exploration activities, and all around fun things for Kindergarten. Click up by my header to follow my various social media accounts (including my brand new Instagram account @kindergartenalphabetsoup too!)
There you have it! My Must Haves for the year!! Can't wait to read about all of YOUR must haves and maybe acquire some new ones myself! 


  1. Your Must Haves are awesome!! I love the Swiffer idea!! Flair pens are my absolute favorites, I'm still looking for the tropical colors!! I LOVE using cardstock, we order some for our classrooms every year! Can't wait to see what you do with is!! :-)
    Thanks so much for sharing your Must Haves with us!!! I hope you have a wonderful week!! #kindertribe

    Kindergarten Dragons

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