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Hi fabulous friends! Can you believe it's JULY?! I decided to link up with Oh Boy Fourth Grade and share with you all my July "Currently" :)

I am listening to LOTS of country radio this summer. Chicago's new Country station (95.5FM) is SO GOOD! Also, who doesn't love that dreamboat Sam Hunt?

I am LOVING the weather, especially after we had the wettest June in a while. It's so nice to have the windows open all the time!!

I am so excited for my little spontaneous trip to visit my bestie Brittany from Nifty in First Grade for the 4th! We're going to take her cutie cute son to his first 4th of July celebration. I can't WAIT!

Anyone have any good DSLR travel tips? I am so excited to finally have my camera to bring with us on our vacation to Disney Land but I am currently struggling to figure out how to carry it around! I already have only planned to bring it 2 out of the 4 days so I'm not lugging it around the whole time, but any tips would be appreciated!

I need to stop spending money, the struggle is real. I keep eating out (because it's so convenient!) and hitting up Target...sometimes twice a day...which brings me to my AllStar section, I am an AllStar Dollar Spot fanatic. I can't get enough, the products are SO CUTE! 

I am also using this post as a teaser for something really exciting that I am planning on doing very soon involving the Container Store and my classroom! :) 

Until then, be kind to one another!