We're SO busy!

Can you believe how quickly the first week and a half of school has flown??? I know many of you started a lot longer ago, and for some of you, today was your first day. I am already back into my routine, and feeling like this year is flying by! We have been so busy working on things that I have neglected to take a single picture of the class in the zone! They have been working so hard, and I am looking forward to how this year is going to go.

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Here's Day One! Labor Day Activities!! (shopping, One Tree Hill on netflix, and Mac&Cheese!)
Today we worked on a fun project that I like to call the Traveling Alphabet. Many teachers in Lutheran Schools across the country are exchanging letters. We made 25 Alligator A's to send out to our friends around the USA, and we will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of the rest of our alphabet! The kids even had to stop production of these for a fun filled FIRE DRILL today, and they still were able to come back and finish them. :) 

Alligator A!
I will keep you updated on all the fun letters we will be receiving in the near future, and maybe you'll see your school represented! Don't forget to follow me via email, on twitter, or on Facebook to receive updates as I post! Check the social media links up by my header for easy access to all things Little Miss ABC! :)

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