Dental Health Month

February is Dental Health Month, and we are definitely celebrating having clean healthy teeth in Kindergarten. All this week we are doing activities, reading books, watching videos, and experimenting all involving our teeth and going to the dentist. This entry will include pictures of our activities, as well as more ideas I have gathered that we did not have time to complete. Happy brushing! :)

First we had a chalk talk about what things make our teeth happy, and what things make our teeth sad. We discussed healthy/junk foods, as well as brushing and flossing routines. The kids were really good at coming up with what was NOT healthy for our teeth :)

I placed magazine pages that had foods, toothbrushes, happy smiles, etc, on the tables and invited the students to search to find things that make our teeth happy and things that make our teeth sad. They had a great time searching throughout the magazines! It was like a treasure hunt! This activity also helps with cutting and gluing skills, which are SO important at this age! 

Later in the day we did some more exploring with brushing and flossing:

I put out DUPLOS, play-doh, and yarn for the students to practice "flossing" their teeth. This activity worked the best with the Mega Blocks. Students put play-doh between their "teeth" and practice flossing using the yarn. 
The students also were able to brush their own tile teeth! I had some white ceramic tiles that were donated and put crayons out for the students to draw on the tiles with. I put some toothbrushes in some soapy water (dishsoap worked really well and smelled FAB!) and the students could brush their teeth clean! We talked about how brushing in small circles works the best when brushing our actual teeth, so they tried that method on their tiles, and found out it worked really well.

Happy Brushing everyone! See you next week for DR. SEUSS'S BIRTHDAY!!!!

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